• Making peace with your birth

    I blamed myself for my C-section. Your kindness and willingness to let me grieve has helped me reach a place of acceptance for what has happened, and an ability to move forward. Now I feel so much lighter and even positive about this upcoming birth.

    Making Peace with your birth
  • Caring for mom, Caring for baby

    What if we cared for a postpartum mother as we do her precious baby? How would that change her journey back to herself?

    Caring for mom, Caring for Baby
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Coaching

    “I don’t know what information to trust. There is so much out there and it only makes me second guess myself”

    A coach is your consistent support; here for you throughout your journey.

    Prenatal and Postpartum Coaching
  • Birthing From Within

    Birth is about more than just dilation and epidurals!  By preparing with her mind and body, a woman can access inner wisdom and strength as she learns about herself in the process.

    Birthing From Within
  • Pregnant ? Have a new baby?

    Pregnancy and Parenthood can bring up lots of questions. “How will I cope?” “What is the right decision?” “What if I make the wrong choice?” What if you could call someone, when you needed it?

    Pregnant ? Have a new baby?
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